28 May 2014

One Month

It has been one month after your born day. And I still remember how much I cherished this date, make surprise for every 27th like its your very special day. I really want to share my thoughts with you, sharing my story my problem but you haven't text me day after the wish. Idk why but the wishes actually gave you hint that Im still standing here, waiting for you to come back for me. My heart dropped when I saw someone called you sayang on your facebook comment space, and I decided to deactivate my account. I know I should move on but I really can't. Still, I really thank you for replying mine and had a short conversations with adik. Mama abah really miss you hafiz. All the best to you and your new life. Moga awak baik baik saja ;) And I just remember those moment bila saya buat kan chicken wrap dan awak mengadu pedas, comel sebab mesti dahi berkerut mata sepet. I just miss you. Xoxo, H