26 Dec 2013


People can be so rude nowadays, I also can be rude sometimes but I rarely do it but when I do, I curse hard. I don't know why, I don't know where to start but its really exciting me when I saw my pictures on someone's account with disgusting caption. And at this very moment, I try to find out what happen why he/she must doing that to me. So welcome to twitter where its becomes obnoxiously ignorant and disrespectful. Its no longer fun anymore I told you. I don't know what purpose for posting the picture in public and until now it gave me a lot of curiosity who's the asshole ruin my days ruin my mood. People can hurt you, physically and emotionally. They have no idea what's other party is going through and its hurts so bad that you can't blurt it out. You only have God by your side to safe you fall to the bottomless pit. And you know that it may took some time for the pain to relief but you keep holding on until tears fallen on your cheeks and even on your pillow. And now you only want to be with your family and friends to have a very fun moment that can forget all those pain hoping they suddenly gone. And you hope that you won't be hurt again because its just too painful.