25 Dec 2013

In different way

Im typing this because I think its safer than sending you this as text. Text will be gone soon but this will still remain as our memories grow day by day. You cant ask me to stop. You cant change the subject and the objectives. You can say these is such a immature things but you'll know why.

I came to realize why my every single day, I sat and while eveb not every minute of tge day, it is a good majority that i spend thinking of you, forgetting that we're far enough not like what other does. I think about how I miss you and im afraid to lose you. Being rational, I set it in my mind I know that it isn't going to happen. That's what my brain says. I try my best to not let you go and I will love you in different way. And as far as I can see it isn't going to be changing anytime soon for me. But I hope that one day we will love each other in the same way.

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