21 Dec 2013

I'm on my way

It seems to be almost one month since I haven't blog anything. Too much too talk but am not have enough time. Sorry my bad :/ Me, now step forward into a new phase. To live the present well and let go the past. Though I can't deny the fact that how much past hurt me that I never knew I could survive, and yet here I am surviving to every single things on the past that ripped me, having the flashbacks of me cuddling underneath the blanket sobbing for few hours. I once to wave goodbye to my old version of mine but it was hard. It’s so hard, sometimes, to accept myself. Me with all my, probably imagined, imperfections. I can have a one second look in the mirror and go out enjoy the night. But I can also stare, searching for something bad on myself. Am started thinking, I care too much about others opinions. I depends too much what others said and I didn't work out the best choice in my life yet ruin all what I have and its a bullshit tho. Everything was changed each single day. The happenings teach me, guide me and try to help me with my quest. I’m following a bendy road filled with holes. Trying to find a way to love myself. And I’m on my way now. I’m on my way. Good night.