30 Aug 2013

Stepping back

I'm tired. I've heard all the typical things that people will use to someone.
"Its gonna be okay later. Dont worry"

"Give him/her another chance so it can be worth to you"

"You deserve someone better than her/him"

"Take your time and think wisely"

Cliche sangat.

To be honest, nothing helps much. Imagine, if its happened to you..we can't compare ourselves right? How it feels to you is so different. It's been few months and my wound still feel fresh. I still think about him every second.

I didn't even know what love was but I figure it out. That feeling took me awhile to name but I felt it. I still do. I'm stepping back, because of you Hafiz. I'd give you another chance to redeem all remnants and we will back to the first moment we met. But it seems like you doesn't appreciate it at all. I save my heart for you and now you really kill it. This is not the first time I told you. Maybe it was my stupidity to let you touch my heart again. All my actions that I've done are killing me back in return. And today, with your Facebook status, you really killed both part. My heart and my soul.

And now I really wish that one day you will lost from my sight. Too many songs which reminds me of you and it's hurt everytime I listen to the song. Like it starting to rip my heart. Fuck.

Don't know whether its gonna be another chance for you or I will slap you thousand time and kick your ass for what you'd done to me.

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