6 Aug 2013


Woahh it's seems so long I haven't post any update. Am too busy with twitter, with the eid's preparation. How I wish I don't get tired easily. Things have changed for me, but that's okay as things are going fine and there are people who always make my day and I could forget all the sorrows.

So I've got these lesson, not really lesson pun. It's true what you see ain't the real things that actually happened. People may make assumptions or presumptions to justify with what they'd saw. But still, for me assumptions will be remain as assumptions. Same goes with presumptions and people not supposed to accuse before they seek for the truth. Peoples, im really sure that you're very good and expert at it. And if anyone asking what the best way to know the truth, yes.. You just asking directly to the person. The person may tell you tho.

Why am so into this topic, because it's happening to me. Yknow people simply accuse even there is untrue story, blur things they knew and automatically make their judgements. Typical people. Live your own life lah as I never care with what's happening around you unless if you pleased me to know what your problems.  It wasn't hard, right?

As matter of fact, you're actually afraid of your own shadow. You are the one who started dig every single stories and you twist it and now you afraid the same things will happen to you, macam tu kan?

Whatever, you may realize it one day or you still with the same attitude.