19 Aug 2013

Belum move on

Im not giving up yet but it seems that I'm gonna give up soon, very soon because my heart can't the pain and am really afraid of being heartbroken again. I saw him after few days and my heart shattered. Am actually has been trying hardly to make myself busy, pretend to make like he doesn't exist but I can't keep my mind off from him. Seriously, I dont know how to help myself either. And as time passing by, I really hope that I'll be okay without him one day.

I couldn't sleep well last night. Always thinking about him. Why he didn't appreciate what I've done to him and why he ignored me these past days and I hate myself for thinking of him all of the time. Hafiz, you disturb my night and you done it great. You made me read all our messages. You made me stalk you Facebook profile.You made me stuck at the whatsapp to see if you're online or not. And you made me think of you every night. I tried to keep you away from my life and yknow I tried everything to keep you off my mind. I tried to hate you and I purposely deleted your number from my list contact but why I am too stupid, when I save back your number and staring at the phone waiting for your message nor the call from you.

I really hate my current situation. Argh I should stop now and I will end up crying. We will see what happen next.

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