24 Jul 2013


I've read your wechat moment a few days ago. Pretend myself like not to care but deep inside, am really worried about you. I dare not to look into your eyes even for a while. And.. I dont even need any words from you to describe all the pains you've been through. Friend, I'm always be beside you... Cant stand to see those tears burst from your eyes. I dont know how to ease the pain you're going through.

I choose not to speak, let alone the flow to engulf us in the moment of silence. But for sure I will turn your tears to joy. Even it is from far because I just wanna see you smile again. Be strong girl. You're gonna be fine. Allah loves you. Remeber, I'll stand by you. Keep struggling to commence a new beginning for you.

Honestly, I miss you friend :(
Special dedicated to Nur Asmira Asri.