21 Apr 2013


That one fine day, we met and ya know we're strangers. But we have some particular time once we've created another moment at Pantai Shahbandar and Padang Negara. First met, I admit, quite shy to start talking with you and yes, you're the one who start our first conversation. After all, you're that one that I shared everything with, my joy and my sorrow neither. I feel good that I could finally drop everything and have a good time with you this week. We went shopping together last two day, *hek leh shopping la sangat, pasar malam je pun. We'd spending our last hour driving from Terengganu to Dungun, just to sent me home. Thank you in advance and I can't put this into words. You're too kind. Sigh. This week, was fun indeed. It was fun, walking with you and lepak at Pantai Shahbandar was the great moment I'd there. Going karaoke with them, had our lunch, dinner and joke around, I felt the splash of the same blood running in us. Haa gitu. 24 hours per day never been enough for us talking, doing girls thing, eat the whole day and sing like crazy I told you, there was really unforgettable. Thinking deep, I have resolve some of my thoughts about Hafiz. 

I can't thank much for giving me those fabulous people in my life. Alhamdulillah for sending them to me ya Allah.