29 Mar 2013


So, this is how I rate myself now. Try to survive without him. And again, it such a waste to waiting for aomeone who doesn't deserve for us, so I've told myself repeatedly. Let it be. Let it. Just follow what heart says. But then, its ripping my heart sometimes. I try to weigh the pro and cons but somehow, it totally doesnt work out. Now, i just have only a few hours to create moment with him. Cause tomorrow, will be the last day for me and him. So now, what I have to do? Just wait and pray for the greatest. Sometimes, it may be redundant but its okay. Just, just dont mind. Allah may have a better plan for me. To get that one who deserve for me, and deserve for him. Forgetting is not the most important now, but i must take a step forward to find out a new resolution whereby I must live without him and allowed him for someone else. Yknow, it physically hurt indeed. To get beyond better, ask Allah. Somehow, can I proceed this life without him? Hanya Tuhan yang tahu.