1 Feb 2013


Please wasting your precious time to read my 'nothing' post. Aherherher.

We fight, we yell, we get jealous, we cry, we feel pain, we hurt, we scream, we get frustrated, we get angry, we get upset, and our emotions take us over. I just wondering since when i got those feeling. Started close with him and we always arguing something and he always win. So why do i have that feeling?

You know, he's such an another edward chullen. He always be the one on the dial list when im having problem. He always be the one who wipes my tears and calm me down. He made me laughed histerically. Always sing me lullaby. Remember those time on the road, we got silence but luckily he starting to sing me 'ratuku'. Hold my hand tightly and said 'saya ada untuk awak'. You know, you're such a darling pheww.

It's amazing how much each day is full of so many smiles and good thoughts.  It's making the time go quickly. You should know that even though we are still new ouh no i means about us how we get closed than before, you have such a presence in my life and you are such a part of my life here.  Having you as part of my day has changed my entire existence here. Jiwang tak saya? Euuu.

Psst: Saya rindu awak. Macam Eiffel Tower.