19 Jan 2013


Actually, i had something in my mind to blog it here. But, ya know i cant recall whats it exactly about. Yes, pardon me. So i was thinking deeply. Thinking about the next step. Next step what for? Just me and God know why.

Yesterday like a hurricane, having massive headache with non stop dizziness. Felt like want lying on the bad for the whole day. But, how lucky i am when he always be the one who could feel every pain suffered. He always be the one on the dial list while im having problem. Yes, he always the one.

Back to the reality. Not in the mood 'jiwangss'. Blerghh.

So now the thing is, I erm.. Erm, erm I just don't feel like doing anything really. I don't know why. Well you know, taking control of life is tiring, It won't be that easy from now on you know. Feel drained out of ideas to live for. Heh.

And now, im out of idea. Its stuck. Always hate this moment. Err.

P/S: its been only a while i felt this calm. Just a while, i tell you. If you know what i meant.